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The following items have been reduced for final sale, CASH & Carry only - If interested call or email to set up a time to come by as we no longer have open hours for retail - When they are gone, they are gone.  We will ship smaller items (hardware, filters) if prepaid by check or money order and the price will include shipping charges and $5 per order packing charge.  No CCs on these & we will stop accepting CCs for anything in September.

Craftsman 10” radial arm saw, VG condition----------$150  
Furniture clamps-professional quality, app. 8 total including two 72”--$25-$50   
Three point weights, concrete, app. 100#------------$50  
Rear wheel weights, fit some IH and some Yanmars-----$50 (6)  
PTO shaft, new, 34” collapsed, 1-3/8 6-Spline x 1-3/8 6-Spline---$100 (5)  
Tractor tires, unused: Two 4.00-15 tri rib-$50/pair Two 6.00-14 R1 (ag tire)-$75/pair  
Potato plow (v plow, middle buster), unused but weathered---------$100   
Various hydraulic hoses (new), mostly ˝” x 36 or 48--------$5  
Various hydraulic fittings, some couplers---priced by the piece  
Category 1 top links: 16”, 12”, 9” barrel length--------$15 or 2/$25 (app. 20)  
Top link pins, 4-1/2”------------------------------------$5/5  
Top link pins, 5-1/2“------------------------------------$6/5  
Linch pins, 7/16-----------------------------------------$1/10  
Chains 16-25’ (old chains, most have clevis hooks)---$1/foot  
Ratchet binders, 2” straps, varying condition---$10  
Ratcheting chain binders, folding handle, exc. cond., top quality---$25 (4)  
Lever action chain binders---$10 and up  
Grade 70 tie-down chains w/ clevis hooks, 16 & 20'---$24 & $30  
R & O hydraulic oil, six 5 gallon buckets ($42.97 at Walmart)----$30, 6/$150  
Many new, in the box filters, including: Wix oil-51334, 51344, 51568--$5, 5/$20 any combination  
Wix air (tube w/ plastic fins) 46262-46270-42276-46418(Ford truck); Purolator air A42019 (equivalent to Wix 42276)--$12 or 3/$30 any combination Most of the filters above have applications in JD, Yanmar and MANY others  

Wix air (donut) 46022-$5 or 5/$20

Wix 51120 hydraulic filter (various Yanmar & other applications)-$12  
Wix 33296 fuel filters (Ford truck)-$5  
Fuel filters 3262 (fits Wix 33262 applications-JD, Yanmar, etc.)--$5, 3/$10  
Branson tractor filters: 102030 oil-$5, air-$5, & hydraulic-$10  
Fan Belts, Dayco: AP32, AP36, AP37, BP35-$2 each  

LOTS of quality hardware, new—pto pins (round & square handles), clevis pins, clevises, boxes of “R” pins, bent pins, and more

Assorted metric hardware - bolts, nuts, lock washers  

Utility trailer (haul ATV, etc.) 5’x9’-6” bed, enclosed, tailgate ramp, tilt bed, very heavily constructed, needs tires, clean up & paint--------------------------$375


CASH ONLY. There's more here, it's just not itemized yet.  Don't call and ask if we have xyz among this stuff....if we do and it's not listed, then it's not yet itemized so we DON'T KNOW.



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