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Roll Over Protective Structure

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ROPS  Fits These Models
Group 1 YM1100-1300-1401-155-165
Group 2 YM1510-YM186
Group 3 YM1500Green-1500Red
Group 4 YM195-240-1600-1700-1700B-1900-2000-2000B-2210-2210B
Group 5 YM1601-1610-1702-1720-1802-1810-1820-2002-YMG1800-YMG2000
Group 6 YM2001-2010-2020-2202-2220-2301-2310-2402-2420
Group 7 YM2200-2500-2610-2620-2700-2820-3000-3110-3220-330-336-3810-4220      ALSO JD 850 & 950
Group 8 F/FX-20-22-24-235-255 
Group 9 F37D-46D   and   FX26-28-32-42-285-305
Group 10 F/FX18

ROPS Require Proper Assembly, Installation, Maintenance, and Use to be Effective  Hardware package and seat belt are included


All groups are now available for order.  Models not on the list are not being developed at this time.   Pricing information below.
LMTC tractor purchasers-- if you bought a tractor from us before ROPS were available and want a ROPS, contact us after reading the ordering information. You can buy one for the tractor you bought from us AT COST + freight. 

For Christian Churches (and other non-profits as we choose)--we will sell you a ROPS the same way we sell tractors and other equipment to those who do our Lord's work--at exactly what it costs us to get it to you.  Let us know if we can help.

For ordering information, see below  ROPS Pictures (Group 7) 1      2      3      4(Group 4)

SHIPPING NOTICE:  We will be shipping the ROPS via most cost efficient means unless you specify a method.  This will generally be UPS, but may be motor freight over long distances.  We can quote freight and usually advise you of the nearest terminal if you send a zip code with your request. 
We wrap the ROPS components in plastic before shipping, but UPS persists in handling them in such a manner that there are often some scratches in the paint.  A can of any good quality gloss black paint will remedy these scratches. 
We Offer Several ROPS Discount Programs--Email Us to See if You Qualify For One of Them.  Include your Address, Tractor Model, and Primary Use of Your Tractor.  If Your Dealer 0r Seller is not Providing ROPS, ask Them to Contact Us for Discount Coupons for Their Customers.

These Prices NO LONGER Include Delivery - Please See Notice Above Right

The case AGAINST Homemade ROPS
Univeristy of Illinois Extension Service Article on ROPS                         Shipping Wt.
Group 1 $619   Available 119#
Group 2 $629   Available 165#
Group 3 $649   Available 130#
Group 4 $589   Available 106#
Group 5 $649   Available 145#
Group 6 $619   Available 131#
Group 7 $789    Available 188#
Group 8 $689    Available    175#
Group 9 $789    Available 180#
Group 10 $679    Available 174#

You may Call,FAX (513-877-3001), or send an Email to order the ROPS. DO NOT Send Your CC# in an is NOT Secure.  You May Fax the CC#, Call, or Give Us a # And Times You Are Available and We'll Call You. We MUST Have-CC#, CC expiration date, Name on Card, Billing Address of Card, Your Name, Phone Number, and Tractor Model #. 

We Will be Drop Shipping Many of These, and They Will Not Contain an Invoice. If You Want an Invoice, Please Ask for One in Your Email or Fax.  We Will Mail or Email One to You.

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August 11, 2012

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